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New York Etchings

Although John DePol is known as a master of wood engraving, he also produced prints by etching with aquatint and drypoint, as well as lithography. His earliest works were etchings with subjects taken from his life as a young man in New York City. Even these early works, done with almost no professional training, show DePol's sense of design, use of light and shadow, and his abiding interest in the lives of ordinary people. The University of Delaware Library holds the only known collection of DePol's early etchings.
Mickey Wagon Pig Alley The Tombs

"Mickey Wagon - Manhattan, 1939." Edition size 2.
"Pig Alley. Hudson River Front. NY. 1942." Edition size 12.
"The Tombs. 1942." Edition size: 12.

New York Wood Engravings

Throughout his life, John DePol returned to the New York City of his birth for inspiration. Many of his earliest artwork was of the lower Manhattan neighborhood he grew up in. Over the years, he continued to make engravings of the buildings, skyline and neighborhoods of the city.

Bleeker St. Pearl Street Sixth Avenue Eighth Street
"Bleeker Street." Wood engraving, unpublished, circa 1954.
"Pearl Street, New York." Wood engraving. 1997. Edition size 25.
"Sixth Avenue, Manhattan." Wood engraving. 1998. Edition size 80.
"Eighth Street." Wood engraving. 1983. Edition size 160.

Park in Old Chelsea The Street Election Night, Barrow Street
"Park in Old Chelsea." Wood engraving. 1983. Edition size 150.
"The Street." Wood engraving 1995. Edition size unknown. Made for the New York Observer.
"Election Night, Barrow Street." Wood engraving. 1983. Edition size 150.

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