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Originally named Fort Casimir, New Castle was founded in 1651 by Peter Stuyvesant of the Netherlands. Because of its strategic location, ownership of the settlement was constantly changing. The flags of the Netherlands, Sweden and Great Britain have all flown over New Castle. Unlike many historic communities, New Castle is a residential town where people live and work. As such, it continues to inspire artists, local residents and visitors alike.

Stanley Arthurs, 1877-1950.
The American Historical Scene. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 1935.

Arthurs was a student of Howard Pyle and became known as a history painter and illustrator. He produced a series of murals on Delaware history which hang in the State Capitol in Dover.

Prints of New Castle architecture. Four reproduction prints from watercolor paintings by John Moll, circa 1950.

John Moll studied art in Philadelphia and Wilmington and spent a long career as a landscape painter and stone lithographer. He was a member of the Delaware WPA Art Project during the Depression and worked as a draftsman at the Dravo Corporation during World War II.

Albert Kruse.
"New Castle Architecture," 1932. Lithograph on paper.

Anonymous manuscript map of Delaware, circa 1715. Ink and wash on paper.

The inclusion of Queen Anne County, Maryland, which was established in 1706 and the omission of Dover, Delaware, which was laid out in 1717, can help scholars determine the date of the map.

Miriam Macgregor.
New Castle: a brief encounter. Risbury, Herefordshire: The Wittington Press, 1998.

"The Jail, New Castle" from New Castle: a brief encounter.

Albert Kruse.
"Old Courthouse at New Castle Del." Pen and ink sketch for
Delaware Tercentenary Almanack & Historical Repository, 1938. Wilmington: Delaware Tercentenary Commission, 1938.

Photograph of New Castle scene. 1936. Willard S. Stewart.
Delaware Photograph Collection.

Andrew Wyeth (1917- )
"Battle of Cooch's Bridge." Ink on board.1937.
Christopher Ward Papers

Delaware Tercentenary Commission.
Delaware Tercentenary Almanack & Historical Repository, 1938 published by the Delaware Tercentenary Commission ... December, A. D., 1937. Wilmington: Delaware Tercentenary Commission , 1938.

Andrew Wyeth, one of the best known American painters of the twentieth century, has focused many of his works on his native Brandywine Valley. The two sketches shown here were done in 1937, when he was twenty years old, for the Delaware Tercentenary Almanack which was published to celebrate the three hundredth anniversary of the State.

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