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An exhibition in Special Collections
curated by
Maureen Cech, Evan Echols and Alexander C. Johnston

Decade of Donors 2000-2010 Exhibition Poster, designed by Maureen Cech.
Decade of Donors 2000 – 2010 Exhibition Poster, designed by Maureen Cech.

From its very earliest days, the University of Delaware Library has benefitted from the generosity of both monetary gifts and donations of materials, including rare books and manuscripts.  Many of Special Collections’ most unique items have been gifts, and without the munificence of donors, these items could not have been otherwise acquired. The establishment of the University of Delaware Library Associates (UDLA) in 1957 ensured the sustainment of this charitable spirit with an annual endowment to the Library, which enabled the purchase of collections of distinction as well as basic library materials and new technologies. The endowment, which continues to be made possible through the generous donations of UDLA members, has allowed for the purchase of books, manuscripts and other materials for the teaching and research needs that enhance and strengthen Special Collections holdings.

This most recent decade enjoyed an exponential increase in the number of gifts-in-kind to Special Collections. Gift-giving is an essential part of collection development for Special Collections. Through the goodwill of its donors, Special Collections has acquired and built unparalleled collections for the teaching and research use of the University of Delaware community and scholars worldwide.

The exhibition features items which were donated in the past decade.  The materials on display are organized to complement Special Collections’ core collecting areas of literature, the arts, history and Delawareana, and the history of science.

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