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The Beat Poets

"Burroughs in Tangier," in Big Table (Chicago), No. 2 (Summer 1959). Bowles's memoir of his early encounters with William S. Burroughs.

William S. Burroughs to Paul Bowles, typed letter signed , April 28, 1972, 1p. Writing from New York, Burroughs recounts a variety of personal business and news.

Ginsberg to Bowles, Aug 1982

Allen Ginsberg to Paul Bowles, Aug 21, 1982.

Allen Ginsberg to Paul Bowles, autograph postcard signed, August 21, 1982, 1p. Written during a trip to Mexico, the card also bears short messages to Bowles from Peter Orlovsky and Gregory Corso who were traveling with Ginsberg.

Brion Gysin to Paul Bowles, typed letter signed, May 22, 1961, 1 p. Gysin comments on the current influx of the Beats--whom he terms "the clan"--into Tangier, and the reception of Bowles's kif stories.



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