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54. The Time of Friendship: a Volume of Short Stories. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1967. Galley proofs with autograph corrections.

55. Pages from Cold Point: and Other Stories. London: Peter Owen, [1968].

56a. Harold Norse to Paul Bowles, autograph card signed, January 11, 1972, 1 p.

56b. "The Fqih," in Bastard Angel, San Francisco, 3 (Fall 1974), p. 19.
This copy bears a presentation inscription from the editor Harold Norse.

56c. Harold Norse to Paul Bowles, typed letter signed, January 5, 1975, 1 p.

Halbmond postcard

57c. Frieder Schlaich to Paul Bowles,
A publicity card promoting the film.

The poet and editor Harold Norse was befriended by Bowles when Norse lived in Tangier in the early 1960s. Bowles contributed two translations of stories by Mohammed Mrabet and one of his own stories to the first three issues of Norse's magazine, Bastard Angel, the title of which had been suggested by Allen Ginsberg.

57a. "Allal." Typescript with autograph corrections, n.d., 12 pp.
"Allal," perhaps Bowles's most famous story of transference, in which a boy exchanges spirits with a snake, is the initial story in Things Gone and Things Still Here.

57b. Things Gone and Things Still Here. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Black Sparrow Press, 1977. Galley proofs with the author's extensive autograph corrections.

57c. Frieder Schlaich to Paul Bowles, autograph letter signed, January 24, 1994, 2 pp.
"Allal" was one of the three Bowles stories included in the German director Schlaich's successful film, "Halbmond"

(Halfmoon). Schlaich writes Bowles about selection of a site in southern Morocco for filming the story. The

letter is accompanied by publicity cards promoting the film.

58a. The Collected Stories, 1939-1976. Galley proofs of the "Introduction," by Gore Vidal, with autograph corrections by Paul Bowles, 5 pp. Stamped "Black Sparrow Press."

58b. The Collected Stories, 1939-1976, with an introduction by Gore Vidal. Santa Barbara: Black Sparrow Press, 1979.
This is number 271 of 300 hardcover copies signed by the author.

59a. Points in Time. Typescript, with autograph corrections, n.d., 10 pp.
The original manuscript of Segment VII of Points in Time contains extensive corrections in the hand of Paul Bowles.

59b. Points in Time. Typescript, 63 pp. Accompanied by a letter from Dan Franklin to Paul Bowles, typed letter signed, November 20, 1981, 2 pp., with Bowles's autograph notes.
In this letter, Bowles's editor at the publishing house Peter Owen informs him that no editing was required for the setting copy of

Collected Stories

58b. The Collected Stories,
, Santa Barbara:
Black Sparrow Press, 1979.

his manuscript, but sends specific queries regarding lay-out, anglicized spelling, and explanation of foreign words for the Peter Owen publication of Points in Time. Bowles has written his responses to the questions

Al Maghrib

61. Al Maghrib: Photographs from Morocco,
, 1989.

on this copy of the letter.

59c. Points in Time. London: Peter Owen, [1982].
These sparse prose pieces function as a "lyrical history" of Morocco; the publisher's jacket blurb describes Bowles as taking the reader through Moroccan time and place.

60. A Thousand Days for Mokhtar: and Other Stories. London: Peter Owen, [1989].
Ten of the stories in this collection date from the 1940s, two from the 1950s, and two from the 1980s.

61. Al Maghrib: Photographs from Morocco, 1983-1988, by Owen Logan; with three stories by Paul Bowles. Edinburgh: Polygon; Glasgow: Third Eye Centre, 1989.

"Published on the occasion of the exhibition 'Al Maghrib-Photographs from Morocco' by Owen Logan,

organized by Third Eye Centre, April 29-June 4, 1989, and subsequent tour." Bowles contributes "The Little House," "The Empty Amulet," and"Things Gone and Things Still Here."

62a. Tanger: Vues choisies. Typescriptwith autograph notes; proof prints of photographs; and an autograph letter signed, from Jellel Gasteli to Paul Bowles, March 6, 1991, 2 pp.

62b. Tanger: Vues choisies. Textes de Paul Bowles; photographies de Jellel Gasteli; traduction de Claude-Nathalie Thomas. Paris: Éditions Sand, 1991.
With appreciation for the work of Tunisian-born photographer Gasteli, Bowles contributes an introduction and "legends" for this "fiction autour du thème du mystère au quotidien."

63. al-Boostan: kesas. Pawl Pawlz; tarjama oua takdim Ibrahim al-Khatib. Bilfidir, al-Dar al-Bayda', al-Maghrib: Dar Tubqal lil-Nashr, [1992].
This copy is signed by Paul Bowles. The stories for this collection were selected from Pages from Cold Point and Collected Stories, 1939-1976. This is the first and

al-Boostan: kesas

63. al-Boostan: kesas.[1992].

only book-length work by Bowles translated into Arabic.
64. Palabras ingratas. Buenos Aires:
Alfaguara Litteratus, [1993].

Palabras Ingratas

64. Palabras ingratas. Traducción de Rodrigo Rey Rosa. (Second edition). Buenos Aires: Alfaguara Litteratus, [1993].
Guatemalan author Rodrigo Rey Rosa, whose own work was translated into English by Paul Bowles, produced this Spanish version of Bowles's Unwelcome Words (1988).

65a. Too Far from Home. London: Peter Owen, 1994. Galley proofs, October 14, 1993, 45 leaves, with typed letter signed, Jill Foulston to Paul Bowles, October 18, 1993, 1 p.
Peter Owen editor Jill Foulston remarked that she enjoyed these stories with their "dark tone, almost mocked by the bright sunlight and heat."

65b. Too Far from Home. London: Peter Owen, [1994]. With drawings by Marguerite McBey.
This is number 35 of 100 copies of a special edition

signed by the author. McBey, the widow of Scottish painter James

McBey, was a longtime resident of Tangier. Her drawings used to illustrate Too Far from Home were made during a journey to the Sahara in 1970.

66. The Time of Friendship: a Story. Zurich: Memory/Cage Editions, 1995. With ten photographs by Vittorio Santoro, and a preface by the author. Number 8 of 40 of the De-Luxe edition signed by Paul Bowles and Vittorio Santoro; with "Untitled" print signed by Vittorio Santoro, 1995.
In his preface, Bowles admitted, in response to the frequent "meaningless question" of which of all his stories he liked best, that it was "The Time of Friendship," the title story of a 1967 collection published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Bowles called the photographs by Vittorio Santoro which accompany his story in this edition "ambience ... backdrop for the narrative."

The Time of Friendship

66. The Time of Friendship: a Story. Zurich: Memory/Cage Editions, 1995.

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