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PAUL BOWLES, 1910 - 1999

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A Short History of the Paul Bowles Collection |

Catalog of the Exhibition

by L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin and Timothy D. Murray

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by David P. Roselle
President, University of Delaware

The acquisition by the University of Delaware Library of a large collection of the papers of the American writer Paul Bowles is the culmination of several years of persistent effort by Library staff. Many friends of Bowles have welcomed our pursuit of a shared goal: assuring that the papers of one of the major writers of the twentieth century be available for research by those exploring the wellsprings of his creativity.

It is fitting that the bulk of Paul Bowles's papers resides at the University of Delaware Library. The Morris Library staff have long recognized the special genius that was Paul Bowles and have paid tribute to him in several ways. Thus, for example, at the time of his eightieth birthday in 1990, a University of Delaware exhibition, entitled Paul Bowles at 80, was sponsored by the Morris Library.

A Morris Library exhibition that was to honor Paul Bowles on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday has become both a memorial tribute to him and a celebration of his genius. Highlights of his career as revealed in his published and unpublished writings are showcased.

I invite you to join in the celebration of the life and work of Paul Bowles as revealed through the items, many of them unique and on public view for the first time. These items are displayed in the exhibition and described in the accompanying catalog.

All of us at the University of Delaware are proud of having become the location of an outstanding collection of Paul Bowles's papers and memorabilia. We will welcome scholars interested in investigations of the creative endeavors of Paul Bowles.


by Susan Brynteson
Director of Libraries

Adding a major addition to the Bowles Archive housed in the University of Delaware Library came as a result of the creative and persistent stewardship of the Library's relationship with Paul Bowles by Timothy Murray, Head of the Special Collections Department, and Francis Poole, Librarian in the Media Services Department, and was the culmination of long held plans and dreams. Their fulfillment is now reflected in this exhibition and the accompanying catalog.

I wish to acknowledge the scholarship and creativity of Timothy D. Murray, and L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin, Associate Librarian in the Special Collections Department, who curated the exhibition Paul Bowles, 1910-1999 and created the entries for this catalog.

The University of Delaware Library Associates, under President John B. Tepe, Jr., have continued to provide generous assistance to the University of Delaware Library. The acquisition of several items in this exhibition was made possible through the support of the Library Associates as was partial support for the publication of this catalog. They, along with Dr. David P. Roselle, President of the University of Delaware, and Dr. Melvyn D. Schiavelli, Provost, are thanked for their support.

I am appreciative also of the contribution of the essay of Virginia Spencer Carr who has unique insight into the Bowles oeuvre.

All of the above individuals and all members of the University of Delaware Library Associates are thanked for their contributions to the collections and programs of the University of Delaware Library.

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