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Through the Years:

The University of Delaware Through Yearbooks

Student Organizations and Events

The University of Delaware’s student body has always represented a diversity of interests. Though the faces may change, the focus throughout the history of the University of Delaware and its precursor institutions has always been on balancing academics and student life. As a trial they share with their fellow students, the effort to achieve this balance produces a camaraderie that persists beyond the college experience. As the essay from the 1997 Blue Hen displayed in this case observes “most people come to Delaware to receive an education, many come out with much more”.

The Blue and Gold. Newark, Del.: Women’s College of Delaware, 1923.

Women students were required to live in campus residence halls when the Women’s College first opened. They were not permitted to live off–campus until the late 60’s.

The Blue Hen. Newark, Del.: University of Delaware, 1997.

Photo montage and brief essay on the importance of friendship at the University of Delaware.

The Blue Hen. Newark, Del.: University of Delaware, 1992.

The National Society for Black Engineers and the Society for Women Engineers are just two of the many organizations promoting diversity and excellence in the sciences and engineering and helping to make the University of Delaware a world leader in the fields.

The Blue Hen. Newark, Del.: University of Delaware, 1974.

The Intergalactic Space Boogie dramatically demonstrates how the University changed in the late 60’s and early 70’s. What did not change, however, was student’s commitment to service. The eleven hour concert was a fundraiser for the March of Dimes.

The Blue Hen. Newark, Del.: University of Delaware, 1965.

Until 1967, the University enforced strict dress codes that forbid, among other things, women wearing pants in the library outside of exam periods.

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