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Through the Years:

The University of Delaware Through Yearbooks

May 8, 2012 – July 2, 2012

curated by
Thomas Pulhamus and Mary Durio

Blue Hen Yearbooks

The first yearbook was published by Delaware College in 1899 as the Aurora. The Blue Hen title was adopted in 1911. Until the implementation of co–education in 1945, the Blue Hen included only the all–male Delaware College. The yearbook of the Women’s College of Delaware, which began operation in 1914, was called the Blue and Gold. In 1946, the Blue Hen became the official yearbook of the newly co–educational institution. In 1948, the Blue Hen began annual publication that continued until it ceased production in 1999.

Through the efforts of the Center for Digital Collections at the University of Delaware Library, all issues of the Blue Hen and the Blue & Gold are available for download. Individual yearbooks are keyword searchable.

  Blue & Gold Yearbooks
The Blue and Gold Yearbooks collection gathers together the yearbooks of the Women’s College of Delaware.
  Blue Hen Yearbooks
Student produced yearbooks for the University of Delaware.

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