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Through the Years:

The University of Delaware Through Yearbooks

University Beginnings

It seems hard to believe that today’s University of Delaware was once Delaware College, nestled in the center of “Newark, a quiet, well–ordered, and hospitable village of fifteen hundred inhabitants” (Derelict 1907) and so small that one wrote directly to the College’s President for course information. When the ad for Delaware College appeared in 1904, it had been open for over three decades. The Women’s College of Delaware, in contrast, offered half as many courses in 1918 only four years after opening its doors. The University would develop rapidly over the course of the 20th century with its greatest expansion coming, like most public institutions, after World War II.

The Blue Hen. Newark, Del.: Delaware College, 1911.

First yearbook to bear the Blue Hen name.

The Derelict. Newark, Del.: Delaware College, 1904.

Advertisement for Delaware College, precursor to University of Delaware. Mandatory military instruction was a notable selling point.

The Blue and Gold. Newark, Del.: Women’s College of Delaware, 1918.

Advertisement for Delaware Women’s College. As with Delaware College, applicants wrote directly to the head of the college.

The Derelict. Newark, Del.: Delaware College, 1907.

First page of a “Brief History of Delaware College”.

The Blue Hen. Newark, Del.: University of Delaware, 1966.

Construction of the Delaware Field House on the South campus.

The Derelict. Newark, Del.: Delaware College, 1907.

The university’s original master plan developed by Day and Klauder, which shaped physical development in Newark for the next seventy years.

The Blue Hen. Newark, Del.: University of Delaware, 1972.

A portion of the 1971 comprehensive development plan by Warnecke and Associates. The general outlines of the Day and Klauder plan are visible in the arrangement of the buildings along the Green.

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