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Bird & Bull Artifacts

Bird & Bull Press Paper Mould. [1966.] Bird & Bull Press Archives.

This is one of two paper moulds used to make the paper for Omnibus. The metal insignia affixed to the mould were used to create the watermarks on the paper, which can be seen when the paper is held up to the light. When making paper, the mould would be dipped into a suspension of water and paper fibers. The water drains through the wire covering, leaving the paper fibers behind so that they can be formed into a sheet.

Bird & Bull Press Wire-forms. Bird & Bull Press Archives.

These wire-forms were made for Leonard B. Schlosser. His wife gave them to Henry Morris after Leonard B. Schlosser's death in 1991.

Bird & Bull Press Train Set, March 1974. Bird & Bull Press Archives.

These Bird & Bull Press toys were made for Leonard Schlosser in 1974 by M. Alonga. They were given to Henry Morris after Schlosser's death in 1991.

Henry Morris.

Shirt worn (and inscribed) by Henry Morris. Geoffrey Wakeman - Plough Press Collection.

Henry Morris wore this shirt while working on many of his printing projects. He can be seen wearing it in photographs printed in Roller-Printed Paste Papers for Bookbinding and in Two Birds With One Stone. On the back, Morris has inscribed the following: "This historic shirt is shown on p. 26 of Roller Printed Papers...1974. It was also worn when printing other later Big Hits. Copy No. 1 of an edition of 1. Signed H. Morris 10-16-93 For Paul & Andrea". Elsewhere on the shirt, he wrote: "The shirt was published in 1969. No 19,031 of an edition of 300,000. Signed Dan Ratby." The shirt was presented as a wedding gift to Paul and Andrea Wakeman in 1993. Paul Wakeman operated the Plough Press with his parents, Geoffrey and Frances Wakeman. The Plough Press, which was founded by Geoffrey Wakeman in 1967, was in operation until the mid-2000s.

Henry Morris.

Apron worn (and inscribed) by Henry Morris. Bird & Bull Press Archives.

Henry Morris wore this apron through twenty five years of book printing. . He has inscribed it with the following messages: "3-12-98 - Finished printing D.H. & Son My "magnum opus" (I wore this apron from 1st form to last)" and "Bob [Fleck]: This apron is ab[ou]t 25 y[ea]rs old - I printed some of your books wearing it. (Exciting isn't it?)."

Booksellers' Trade Token Sculpture, [circa 1989?]. Bird & Bull Press Archives.

This sculpture features several of the trade tokens that were cast for the book Trade Tokens of British and American Booksellers & Bookmakers.

"Tolbert's Treasure," monotype sculpture, 20 March 2008. Bird & Bull Press Archives.

This sculpture was made from pieces of monotype while Henry Morris was working on The Private Typecasters. The wooden block used as a base was taken from a piece of Honduras Mahogany from 1958 that Morris had previously used to make the wood frames for paper moulds.

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