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Julie Chen
.Leavings. Berkeley: Flying Fish Press, 1997.
A bookwork about memory and attachment in the form of a two-sided concertina with pockets, removable tags, and many collage elements. The text deals with the ephemera that accumulates in the course of daily life and the intense meaning these objects can take-on over time. As tags are removed by the reader, certain elements on both sides of the book are revealed, while others are concealed. Various texts and images can be experienced both separately as well as in context for a multi-leveled reading.

  Sandra McPherson.
Beauty in Use. Newark, VT: Janus Press, 1997.
This collection of thirteen poems by McPherson, was inspired by African-American quilts. The twenty quilt square pages are two-sided patterns constructed with interlocking and woven pieces of handmade papers. Beauty in Use took a total of five years to complete.

  Ann E.Kalmbach.
Pistol / Pistil: Botanical Ballistics designed and printed by Ann Kalmbach & Tatana Kellner. Portland, Me.: University of Southern Maine, 1997.

The author juxtaposes words that have both horticultural and military meanings. She includes newspaper articles and other popular cultural images relating to farming and violence.

  Ruth Lingen.
I Know Where I'm Going; compiled by Ruth Lingen & Lois Lane; with images by Lois Lane. New York: Poote Press, 1997.
The book is made up of a variety of papers including Clarence House wallpapers, Thai mulberry paper, and fourteen different Japanese papers. The images include woodcut, linoleum cut, color copies, photo-engraving, silkscreen, and collage. Ruth Lingen is a printer and book artist who lives and works in New York City. She has worked as a master printer at Pace Editions with many artists including Jim Dine, Kiki Smith, and Chuck Close. Lingen received her MFA in Printmaking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where, in 1986, she established Poote Press. I Know Where I'm Going takes the form of a teenage girl's scrapbook containing clippings of brides, décor, and gifts, but the foreboding undertone questions the girl's naïve view of the future.

  Susan Elizabeth King.
I Dream Atget. Los Angeles: Paradise Press, 1997.
The text for I Dream Atget was letterpress printed on Stonehenge paper. The photographs are Polaroid transfers printed on silk by the artist. The work is a tribute to the French photographer Eugène Atget (1857-1927) whose 10,000 photographs of Paris immortalized the city and its inhabitants. King made her photographs during a trip to Esalen along the coast of Big Sur, California. By photographing with early morning light, King captures the dreamlike quality of the original nineteenth century photographs.

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