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Artists' Books 1998


Irene Chan.
. Rosendale, N.Y.: Women's Studio Workshop, 1998.

Inspired by a Chinese legend which says that the gift of writing comes from studying the objects of nature, the images of Cè were created from collected found organic material. Cè is about reading nature's form, gestures, and movements as written language. The series of books take the reader through an experience much like a Taoist philosophical journey. Three books made by silkscreen, origami folds, and dried plant matter are held in a Chinese purse made of seedpod fibers.

Opening Day

Colleen Mullins.
Opening Day. Rosendale, NY: Women's Studio Workshop, 1998.

This lovingly-produced small book is dedicated to the author's father who suffers from dementia and memory loss. It recalls his stories of crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on its opening day and her memories of spending time with him.

everyday colors

Wendy Miller.
everyday colors. New York: Granary Books, 1998.

The title for everyday colors is taken from Martha Stewart's line of house paint at K-Mart. Images in the book are constructed from materials such as sponge, sandpaper, topographical paper from Thailand, onion prints, hand prints and fabric. In an author's statement, Miller writes "Working with the formal language of abstract painting and elements from popular culture, I treat the book as a container for a multitude of raw to refined experiences. Humor, key to appreciating and working with the chaos that permeates our life, pervades the book as does the uplifting and purifying power of color, space and adornment."

Once Removed

David Moyer.
Once Removed, Original Manuscript and Drawings. Lebanon, Pa.: Red Howler Press, 1998.

David Moyer, a graduate of the University of Delaware, is a graphic artist and publisher. Once Removed is a humorous collection of drawings of fantastic "thinking machines" reminiscent of the unrealistic "idea machines" of scientists during the Renaissance.

Voice in Your Head

Martha Carothers.
Voice in Your Head. Newark, DE: The Post Press, 1998.

Martha Carothers is Associate Dean of Arts and Humanities at the University of Delaware. She has exhibited her artists' books widely and teaches a book arts class at the University. The poem "The voice you hear when you read silently" is printed on the back of each translucent page. As the reader turns the pages, the words become increasingly clear as the "inner voice" of the brain begins to discern the pattern of the letters.

Zebra Noise

Richard Wagener.
Zebra Noise with a Flatted 7th. Berkeley: Peter Koch, Printer, 1998.

Twenty-six short fictions, evocative of the American West where the artist lives, are obliquely related to his zoological alphabet of twenty-six accompanying wood engravings. The engravings range from the armadillo, Tolypeutes tricinctus to the meadow jumping mouse, Zapus hudsonius.

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