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Artists' Books 1996

Meditations at the Edge
Dorothy Field.
Meditations at the Edge: Paper and Spirit. Santa Cruz, Calif.: Peter and Donna Thomas, 1996.

The text is letterpress printed on handmade paper that is attached to a dowel and mounted in a wooden structure to give the suggestion of prayer flags waving in a Buddhist temple. The author traveled to Asia, retracing the history of paper from its Chinese beginnings. The book is a meditation on the importance of paper in various cultures.

Amour & Armor

Michael Kuch.
Amour & Armor. Massachusetts: Double Elephant Press, 1996.

The etchings, lithographs, and poems by Michael Kuch have themes of love, death, and the sea. Kuch studied at Hampshire College with Leonard Baskin. For five years after receiving his degree, Kuch continued to work as Baskin's assistant, printing etchings for the Gehenna Press. Kuch began his own Double Elephant Press in 1994.

Denise Levertov, 1923-
Batterers. West Burke VT: Janus Press, 1996.

The clay paperwork, made by Kathryn Vigesaa, was set into a wooden tray, forming the base of this sculptural book which has text paper made by Claire Van Vliet. The violent images of the earth on fire reflect the horror of the poem by Denise Levertov that tells of a man who fears that his physical abuse has killed a woman.

Corona Palimpsest Nora Ligorano.
The Corona Palimpsest. New York City: Granary Books, 1996.

Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese are internationally known installation and video artists who work as a collaborative team. The Corona Palimpsest takes its name from the video/book installation made by Ligorano and Marshall Reese at the Cristinerose Gallery in 1995. The collages come from a variety of sources including newspapers, art history ooks, and magazines. The artists also hand painted the book using stencils and paste paper methods. Small images of book text are juxtaposed with larger, "noisier" images from other media, seeming to say that the book is being overwhelmed by other aspects of our popular culture.

T-Pallidum Jeffrey W. Morin.
T-Pallidum. Stevens Point, Wis.: sailorBOYpress, 1996.

The work is a collaboration between printer Jeffrey Morin and Southern painter Ron Buffington, who bases his art on articles in medical journals. Buffington chose the title bacterium for its pictorial possibilities, rather than for the disease it causes (syphilis). Morin's type constructions are composed of words taken from an article on the bacterium in the Journal of Bacteriology and are meant to be his responses to the images.


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