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Artists' Books 1995


Fragments from a Stacked Deck Judy Anderson.
Fragments from the Stacked Deck. Atlanta: Nexus Press, 1995.

In a boxed set of thirty cards, such as those used to tell fortunes, Anderson uses text and symbols to respond to reports of violence against women. Fragments of text taken from newspaper reports are mixed with images and personal reflections.

Talespin Susan Bee.
Talespin. New York: Granary Books, 1995.

Susan Bee's collages were printed offset on Rives BFK, then hand-painted. Bound by Daniel E. Kelm and staff at The Wide Awake Garage.
Inspired in part by the melodramas and mysteries published in popular magazines of the 1880s, Susan Bee's Talespin mixes images of childhood with the unexpected dangers and pitfalls of adulthood. The theme that emerges from this stream of associations is a loss of innocence and gaining of experience with a healthy dose of feminism and postmodern irony thrown in.

Rejected from Mars

Ric Haynes, 1945-
Rejected from Mars. New York City: Granary Books, 1995

The linocuts were printed at the Hermetic Press and hand painted by the artist. Haynes creates a fantastic world filled with mysterious creatures. The story speaks of alienation and rebirth.

Ruderal Plants in Manhattan Susan Mills.
Ruderal Plants in Manhattan. Rosendale, N.Y.: Women's Studio Workshop, 1995.

Screen printed in 9 colors on BFK Rives, endpapers handmade from ruderal plants, coptic bound in wooden covers. A visual acrostic poem about those plants that live on the edges and in the cracks of urban areas.

He Didn't Know Who He Was Norman Sasowsky.
He Didn't Know Who He Was. Newark, DE: Moment Press, 1995.

Norman Sasowsky is Professor Emeritus of Painting at the University of Delaware. He studied at City College of New York and N. Y. U. and at the Art Students League with George Grosz, Harry Sternberg, Reginald Marsh, and Kenneth Hayes Miller. Although primarily a painter, Sasowsky has worked in other media and produced several artists' books.


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