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Viewing Room

The Film and Video Collection Department in the Morris Library is equipped with a 49-seat viewing room which may be scheduled for use by faculty and authorized teaching assistants in giving audiovisual presentations to regularly scheduled classes on a first-come basis. The Viewing Room is available for instructional use only by classes using film, video, and other media. It is not available for scheduling as a meeting room for clubs or other campus groups. To schedule the Viewing Room within seven days of the intended use date, call 831-1042 Monday through Friday, from 8:00am until 5:00pm. For reservations seven days or more in advance, access the Media Scheduling Web Form which can be submitted online, or the Viewing Room Scheduling PDF form which can be mailed or faxed to the Film and Video Collection Department Scheduling Office when completed.

Please Note: A faculty member or a designated teaching assistant must be present to conduct or monitor classes during screenings in the Viewing Room.

The Viewing Room should be vacated at least ten minutes prior to the closing time of the Film and Video Collection Department. Setting up equipment and media for the next class or before closing requires extra time.

Viewing Room Equipment

The Viewing Room has the capability to show videos in VHS (NTSC and PAL), DVD (multi-region, standard definition, and Blu-Ray), and laserdisc formats, as well as 16mm films. Projection equipment includes a rear-screen multimedia projector with Dolby surround sound. A computer with connection to the multimedia projector is available for use in accessing the internet or other software for instructional purposes. (To check on available software, please contact Film and Video Collection staff at 831-8461.) The room is connected to the UDTV closed circuit television network.

Media Research Room

The Film and Video Collection Department has a Media Research Room available for use by University of Delaware faculty in researching and previewing films and videos for academic and curriculum support. The Media Research Room provides a quiet space where faculty can work in privacy and is equipped with a desk, an LCD TV monitor, DVD player (multi-region, standard defnition, and Blu-Ray), VHS player (NTSC and PAL), and networked computer. There are also a number of print resources and catalogs available for use in searching film and video titles and distributors. Faculty can preview videos already in the University of Delaware Library collection as well as search for other available videos which may be suitable for instructional purposes. Film and Video Collection Department staff will be happy to work with faculty in locating videos from a wide range of sources and assist them in selection of video programs including academic films, documentaries, international films, special purpose videos, and feature films. The Media Research Room is located in Room 005, Film and Video Collection Department on the lower level of the Morris Library. The Media Research Room may be scheduled for use by faculty between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Friday, when Instructional Media staff are present. To schedule please call 831-1475. At times when the room is not scheduled, faculty may use it on a first-come basis.

Please Note: Because of its size and location, the Media Research Room is intended for individual use and is not suitable for use by classes.

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