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Finding Films & Videos

The Film and Video Collection includes videotapes, DVDs (including some Blu-Ray discs), 16mm films, laserdiscs, and audio cassettes and audio CDs which span a wide range of disciplines.

To search DELCAT for videotapes, DVDs and laserdiscs, use the Search Media in DELCAT link on the lefthand column. Alternately, search the full DELCAT catalog and "Limit" the search to "Media (video/DVD/film)". Another option is to click on "Search by Library Collection " and select "Media Collection" as the section of DELCAT to search.

To search DELCAT for 16mm films, audio cassettes, and audio CDs, search the full DELCAT catalog without limits.

On-Site Media Collection

The Film and Video Collection Department includes over 20,000 on-site media titles, including over 10,000 DVDs, 10,000 videotapes, and 200 laserdiscs. This collection includes feature films from the silent era through to current releases, and educational programs spanning a wide array of subjects from anthropology to zoology.

16mm Film Collection

The Film and Video Collection Department has some 2500 16mm academic films which are available for viewing by University of Delaware faculty, students, and staff.

The collection includes many rare and unique titles not available in video (VHS and DVD) formats. The films span a wide range of academic subject areas, from Anthropology, Biology and other sciences, to Art, Film Studies, History, and the Social Sciences. Many were produced during the golden age of academic film, the post-Sputnik era of the 1950s and 1960s. Besides the educational value of their content, these films serve as a human and historical record, cultural artifact, and window to the past.

A few examples from the collection include rare documentaries such as Black Protest (1969), Original Films of Frank B. Gilbreth (1968), The Days of Dylan Thomas (1965), and The Santa Monica Project (1969). There are also cinema classics like The Balloonatic (Buster Keaton, 1923), Hollywood and Bust (1956), Silent Snow Secret Snow (Conrad Aiken, 1964), and Uberfall (1929).

A catalog of the 16mm film collection is available for reference use in the Film and Video Collection Department. All of the 16mm films are housed in the Library Annex and may be accessed by contacting Film and Video Collection Department staff during regular Media Office hours.

The Film and Video Collection Department has a viewing carrel equipped with a 16mm projector for individual use. Faculty may also schedule class showings of 16mm films in the 49-seat Viewing Room by calling 831-1042 during regular Media Office hours.

Audiovisual Carrels

Viewing and listening facilities for all materials in the Film and Video Collection Department are available in 35 audiovisual carrels, designed for both individual and group use. Equipment available in the carrels includes:

VHS and 3/4" video players, international VHS (NTSC/PAL) players, DVD and Blu-Ray players, international DVD players, laserdisc players, a 16mm film viewer, 35mm slide viewers, compact disc players, audio cassette players, a phonorecord player, and television monitors connected to UDTV, the University of Delaware's closed-circuit television network.

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