Periodicals Section Summary

Step 1: Go to the Library Networked Databases page on the web and select the databases you want to search for references to periodical articles. Or select an appropriate printed index.

Step 2: In both printed indexes and databases, choose search terms and subject categories.

Step 3: In a printed index, select the years you want to search for references.

Step 4: In a database, put together keywords using the appropriate search operator.

Step 5: If you found articles on your topic in a full text database, print off the articles you need.

Step 6: If you found references to articles which are not full text, look up the call numbers of their periodicals in DELCAT by periodical title.

Step 7: In a DELCAT record for a magazine or journal, check holdings information to see which issues are owned by the Library.

Step 8: Write down the call number and location of the issue of the periodical you need. Remember to notice its location, whether it is in the Periodicals Room, on the shelves of the Library by call number, or in microform.

Step 9: Find the periodicals you need in the Library.

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