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Student Spotlight

The following videos are examples of University of Delaware student projects created with resources from the Student Multimedia Design Center.

Student Multimedia Showcase, February 2014

Infinite Book, ELI Film

What You've Learned You'll Carry With You Forever, ENGL395

Love in the Second Life, ELI Film

The Great Bank Robbery, ELI Film

Frankie Landau-Banks is a Red Rose, EDUC 403

Privacy, ENGL110

MGD: A True Story, ENGL395

Hannah Winand: Future English Teacher, ENGL395

Downtown Revitalization: Newark, Delaware, Public Administration

Army ROTC: An Officer in Training

Grinch Who Stole Christmas

English Only Dream, ELI Film

Student Multimedia Showcase, February 2012

There is a Place Where Time Stands Still, ART385
American Ideals, POSC/COMM447
Humor Videos: Cereal Humor, ART280
Haiti: Struggle for Stability, SOCI471
Empty Box, POSC/COMM447
Welcome to Japan, ELI
A Brief Intro to the Writings of T.S. Eliot, ENG468
Finding Zero, ART280
Key Ingredients, ART385
Empty Words, POSC/COMM447
Aura Portraits, ART385
Fall Again, ELI
Inside the Mind of an Art Student, ART280

Student Multimedia Showcase, May 2010

Oscar Wilde, English 468, Spring 2010
"Roller Girls", Geo Video 467, Spring 2010
BernaDette Lane Wilmore, Geo Video 467, Spring 2010
Bishel Family, Geo Video 467, Spring 2010
CSMA/CD vs CSMA/CA, Computer and Information Systems 250, Spring 2010
Arnold Cooper, Geo Video 467, Spring 2010
Johnny O, Geo Video 467, Spring 2010
Matt Yoder, Geo Video 467, Spring 2010
With A Red Ribbon, Reel Productions Film Fest Winner, 2010
Transfer The Package, Reel Productions Film Fest Winner, 2010
Deer Park Riot, Geo Video 467, Spring 2010
Bumble, ART, Spring 2010 and Reel Productions Film Fest Winner, 2010
Curtis Bedford, Geo Video 467, Spring 2010
Dr. Pencil, Geo Video 467, Spring 2010

Class Multimedia Projects, 2009

Oral History Project: Latinas Speak Out!, Women's Studies Capstone 2009
University of Delaware, Geography Video 467 Class
University of Delaware Airship Dedication, Geo Video 367, Spring 2009
The Corporate Greenhouse, Geo Video 367, Spring 2009
Delaware Environmental Observing System: An Overview, Geo Video 367, Spring 2009

Multimedia Postcard Contest, Fall 2008

Why the Road?, Runner-up
Yard Sale, Grand Prize
Ritual I, Grand Prize

Class Multimedia Projects, 2008

The Joys of Public Speaking, Oral Communication Fellows, 2008
Hot Diggity Dog: The Bennie Dollard Story, Michael Curran and Langley Bowers, 2008
Art Conservation, Women's Studies, India Study Abroad 2008
Home-Based Industry: A Closer Look, India Study Abroad 2008
SOCI467, Disaster, Vulnerability and Development
HESC616, Sport Marketing
ENG301, Expository Writing
FASH367, Fashion Event Planning

Still Image Contest, Fall 2007

This Girl, First Place
Into the Ether, Second Place
Ferris Breaks Loose, Third Place