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General Questions

Q: What is the Student Multimedia Design Center?

  • A: The Student Multimedia Design Center is designed to meet the current and future needs of the increasing number of classes which involve creation of multimedia projects and presentations as a course requirement. The Center offers space for practicing presentations and video multimedia equipment to use individually or in collaborative groups. This state-of-the-art facility with its focus on multimedia creation is the largest such facility in an academic research library in the nation.

Q: Where is the Student Multimedia Design Center located?

  • A: The Center is located in the University of Delaware Morris Library.

Q: Who can use the Student Multimedia Design Center?

  • A: Most services and equipment in the Center are only available for University of Delaware students, faculty, and staff use. Some services like photocopying and microforms are also available to the general public.

Q: Are there any other computers in the library that have Microsoft Office applications installed?

  • A: Yes, the computers in the Information Room and Reference Room on the first floor have Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint installed.

Q: Is there a color printer available in the Library?

  • A: Yes, the Student Multimedia Design Center has a color printer. Printing is $1.00 per page.

Q: Is there a large format printer available in the Library?

  • A: Yes, the Student Multimedia Design Center has an HP DesignJet 1055cm plus large format printer. It prints 36" wide at a cost of $5/linear foot. Please see the Print, copy, scan page for more information.

Q: Can I get change at the Student Multimedia Design Center?

  • A: Yes, we will make a small amount of change, if we have sufficient change available in the register. There is also a change machine located in the Library Commons on the first floor.

Q: I want to use a particular software. How do I know if this site has it or what other sites on campus have?

  • A: Please see our Hardware & Software page for a complete list of what we have. To see what software is available at IT computing sites please see their software page.

Q: I sent my document to the printer. Why isn’t it printing?

  • A: To print your document, you must first swipe your UD ID card through a card reader connected to a print release station. As a full-time student, you receive 100 free pages every July/January. To print more than 100 pages, you’ll have to add money to your FLEX account. You may use the Value Transfer Station on the Lower Level to add money. If you are not using whole amounts or are using coins, please ask at the Student Multimedia Design Center service desk.

Q: Why won’t the movie I imported to my PowerPoint presentation play back on other computers?

  • A: PowerPoint 2007 does not save the movie file as part of the PowerPoint presentation. To play the movie file, you must have it in the same folder as the PowerPoint file.

Q: The project I’m working on is much too large to send as an attachment in email. What are my options

  • A: You have several options.

    1. Use a flash drive or memory stick. If you don’t have one with you, you may buy one at the service counter or check one out using your valid UD ID.
    2. Borrow a hard drive from the service counter if you have a valid UD ID.
    3. Upload the file to the UD Drop Box.

Q: How do I transfer video from my DV camera to my PC?

  • A: You can transfer video to your PC through a FireWire cable. If you don’t have your cable with you, you may borrow one at the service counter.

Q: Can I convert my old analog footage to digital?

  • A: Yes. You can use the equipment in the Transfer Studio (Studio 5) to transfer between different media. For example, you can transfer your home video from VHS to DVD. The transfer will take at least the length of time of the source media. Studios 1 - 4 can also handle some transfer functions.

Q: Do you have ethernet cables that I can borrow?

  • A: Yes, use your UD ID to check out a variety of cables, including Cat-5 (ethernet) cables.

Q: How do I get my wireless laptop to access the network?

  • A: You'll need to first register your laptop by logging in and then choosing the Register Your Laptop link.. There is some more information at this link, or you can call the UD Help Center 831-6000.

Q: Where can I go to record a narration for my PowerPoint presentation?

  • A: The Sound Studio (Studio 6) offers high-end audio recording equipment, including a mixer. Studios 1-4 could also be used as they have the same equipment, just no mixer. Digital Voice Recorders can be checked out from the service desk as well as headsets that contain microphones.
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Copy Service Questions

Q: How much does it cost to make a photocopy?

  • A: Black and white self service copies on a photocopier are 10¢ each. Copies made from the Microform reader printers cost 12¢ each. Color copies are $1.00 each. You must use your UD ID or Library Copy Card to make photocopies.

Q: Can I scan something and send it to my email?

  • A: Yes, there are 4 scanner copiers on the lower level plus two flat-bed scanners. You can scan the document a page at a time or use the document feeder (on the scanner copiers) to scan a document and then attach it to an email, save it to a flash stick, or use the UD Dropbox.

Q: Can someone make the copies for me?

  • A: Yes, the cost for this service is 20¢ per page for black and white photocopies (including from Microforms), 50¢ for black/white transparencies, and $1.50 for color transparencies. Please allow 24 hours processing time for all copy orders.

Q: How can I add value (deposits)to or check the value of my FLEX card?

  • A: There is now a Value Transfer Station on the First Floor in the Information Room. Locations of Value Transfer Stations on campus and links to transfer money from your bank account are available at: If you need change for the Value Transfer Station, please come to the Student Multimedia Design Center service desk on the lower level.

Q: Where are fax services offered? How much does it cost?

  • A: Fax Zero is an online fax service that is free for sending 3 pages or under and $1.99 for 15 pages and under to the U.S. and Canada. Users have to put a confirmation code that they will receive in their email to enter into the form to complete the Fax. Users may wish to use the scanner/copiers or flat bed scanners in the Student Multimedia Design Center to scan the pages that they need to fax to use this service. Alternatively, UD students may take materials to be faxed to Campus Mail staff in the General Services Building on South Chapel Street when that office is open.
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Microforms Questions

Q: Where is the News Journal on Microfilm?

  • A: The microfilm numbers for the News Journal are S 7 or S39 dependent on what year of the News Journal is requested. You can look up Delaware Newspapers by date if you go to the Library home page, click on "Resources", and "Delaware Newspapers Project" and click on Newspapers by date.

Q: Where is the New York Times on Microfilm?

  • A: The microfilm number for the New York Times is S 4; it is located in the "S" Microfilm section on the Lower Level. The years from 1851 through 2006 are currently on Microfilm.

Q: Where are the Government Documents that are on microfiche located?

  • A: The government documents on microfiche are located in the cabinets in the alcoves near the U.S. Documents print collection on the west side of the Lower Level.

Q: I have a microform that is difficult to read, is there anything that can help me view it?

  • A: Yes, the Digital Microform Scanner allows you to adjust resolution, sharpness, and brightness of an image from either Microfiche or Microfilm. The scanner allows you to crop the image so that only what you want fills the screen; this makes the image larger and easier to read. There is also a tool that allows you to “white out” scratches and other imperfections manually, taking away distractions that affect the readability of the microform. The best part is that once you correct the image, you can save the file and attach it to an email to yourself, send it using the UD Dropbox, or save it to a flash stick.

Q: The Microform I am looking for says that it is in the Annex. How do I get this Microform?

  • A: On the Library home page, under Forms, there is a link for the Library Annex Request form. There is also a print form available at the Circulation desk. Fill out the request completely and submit it. The Microform will available that day (if request was submitted by 2 pm) or the next day at the Student Multimedia Design Center service desk.

Q: I would like to research U.S. Patents and I know that you used to have the microfilm, what do I do?

  • A: The U.S. Patent microfilm has been moved to the Library Annex. There are other, convenient ways to research U.S. Patents. Please visit the Reference Department on the first floor to use the CASSIS computer system to look up Patents or use The United States Patent and Trademark Office online database with all patents issued since 1790. For more information on patents, please see the Patent subject guide. If you would still like to use the microfilm, you may fill out a Library Annex Request Form with the patent numbers that you need and items requested by 2:00 PM will be available by 4:00 PM the same day.

Q: I am a public user. Can I use the collections and equipment in the Student Multimedia Design Center area?

  • A: Yes and no. All of the Microform collection is available in open stacks. To use a Digital Microform Scanner, please sign in at the service desk. To print from the photocopiers, you will need a UD Flex card or new Library copy card. E-mailing or saving on the Digital Microform Scanners is free. The Map collection can also be browsed by public users. For other services, such as checking out books, please see the Public Borrower Information page.

    The computing equipment, other than the Microform Scanners and the Scanner/Copiers, is not available for use by public users.
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