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Access: University of Delaware Library; campus network; available via proxy access
Description: PsycTESTS®, produced by the American Psychological Association (APA), serves as a repository for ready-to-use tests and measures, featuring instruments that are relevant to psychology and related fields, such as psychiatry, education, medicine, business, social work and more.

International in scope, PsycTESTS provides access to thousands of actual test instruments, most of which are available for immediate download and use in teaching and research.

Updated monthly, PsycTESTS includes:

  • Tests that were originally developed for research and were not made commercially available
  • A growing selection of multilingual test instruments
  • Information about select tests that are available from commercial test publishers

Each detailed test record includes a summary, background information, development history, purpose, reliability and validity data (when available), test format and the citation for the peer-reviewed source document.

Producer: American Psychological Association (APA)
Trial Ends: May 24, 2014